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Several times a year, PHSA sponsors seminars that differ from the field trips. If we can’t go to Spain, we have someone come give us a presentation about their experience. If the subject is more academic than active, we have someone in that field give a seminar.

The Civil War, rocks and minerals, essay writing, Ecuador, and first aid are some of the seminars we’ve had in the past. Periodically a member will set up a series of classes on drawing, sign language, crocheting or quilting. Seminars and workshops have been held in various churches, homes and community rooms.

Field Trips

Field trips are the mainstay of the Pendleton Homeschool Association. PHSA arranges at least one per month from September through May. All member families are invited, but participation is not required. Families decide which filed trips to attend based on scheduling, level of interest and ages of children.

Usually a member sets up the field trip, arranges for tours, designates a meeting place, gives directions to the location, and receives RSVP’s about who is planning to attend. (Informal car-pool arrangements can be made between families if desired.)

Some trips require more travel time than others; some trips combine two or more activities. Occasionally there are joint field trips with other homeschool groups.

Recent field trips have included visiting windmills, a fish ladder, a mustard factory, a pottery factory, the Let ‘er Buck museum, fire station and the hospital.

Rarely do field trips cost money (other than travel). Many museums and facilities waive their fees for educational purposes, but others do not. Families may attend one event or actitivty while trying to decide whether to join PHSA.

RSVP’s are always appropriate.

Planning Session

We are holding our annual Potluck and Planning Session this Thursday at Grecian Heights Park by the play structure at 5:30 pm.

This is a time where we catch up on what has been going on in each other’s lives and plan out our next year of activities.  Bring your ideas for  field trips, Mom’s Get Together discussion topics, workshops, etc.  and also a dish to share.