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Mission Statement
Pendleton Homeschool Association (PHSA) is a non-sectarian support group for homeschooling families in Pendleton, Oregon and the surrounding areas. Our mission is to:

Expand educational opportunities
Facilitate interaction
Communicate information
Promote a positive image of homeschooling
Encourage parents in the education of their children

PHSA membership is not based on any one homeschooling approach, political platform, religious outlook, philosophical ideal or race.

Participating children must be members of PHSA, or have permission from the association to attend.

PHSA requires adult (age 21 and up) supervision at all activities. There shall be a 1:7 supervision ratio of non-immediate family.

Benefits of PHSA

Activities and events you will find when you join PHSA include, but are not limited to:

Field Trips
Mom’s or Dad’s Meetings
Recreation Days
Other Events

Click on the above links to find out more about the various activities and events PHSA hosts.

joining homeschooling families together in the Pendleton, Oregon area