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We are an active group and you can see information and contact the group at the new site!  Pendletonhomeschool.org

We are an active group and are looking forward to our 2022-23 School year! 

Field trips are the mainstay of the Pendleton Homeschool Association. PHSA arranges at least one per month from September through May. All member families are invited, but participation is not required. Families decide which field trips to attend based on scheduling, level of interest, and ages of children.  Rarely do field trips cost money (aside from travel expenses).  Families may attend one event or activity while trying to decide whether to join PHSA. Some field trips have been: a visit to the Pendleton UAS range where we were able to learn about drones,  behind the scenes at the Round Up, visits to a petting zoo and a pumpkin patch,  tours of Fort Walla Walla museum , the  Hermiston Fire Department , and the Pendleton Wollen Mills,  and much more.

We also have monthly Moms’ Night Out where the Moms’ get together and share the journey.  We recently had a Moms’ Morning Out at a local coffee shop and it was a great success!

We have an optional Sports Program that meets weekly for an hour of playing for kids nine and up.There is an extra fee involved because we rent the gym specifically for this during the winter.  This is not a competitive time but a time for children to learn team play and rules of the games plus have fun!  We usually divide into two groups and play separately- we’ve found the older, larger kids tend to plow over the smaller ones.  We meet at a local park in the fall and spring and spend the winter in a gym.  When in the gym the younger kids meet for sports then there is an hour of free play time and then the older kids have their sports times.  Free Time play or Rec time  is open to all ages and also meets weekly.

We found that the bulk of this program was falling on too few shoulders. The Board has decided that the parents of participating Sports Families are required to facilitate a Sports Activity.  This does NOT mean you must know the ins and outs of a particular sport or any sport for that matter.   We use the term “sports” lightly- it’s not hard core soccer/baseball/basketball. It’s mainly to encourage physical activity, for fun and to learn a few skills along the way.  Some of the things we have done in the past were Dodge ball (a favorite!), relay races, jump rope, circuit training, playground games, Frisbee golf as well as volleyball, basketball, softball, and soccer. We are using the word “facilitate”- this means you can arrange for someone else to come in and teach something or you can watch someone else’s little ones while they oversee activities.  Fathers and Grandparents are encouraged to help.  This is a great program that the kids really enjoy and we want to see it continue.  It will NOT continue without all of us pitching in.

We also have various Shares and other events.  Depending on interest, we’ve had Science, Biography, Poetry, and Geography shares.  These are scheduled throughout the year.  We have a Presentation Night towards the end of the school year where children can share what they have learned during the year.  Often there are piano pieces played, songs sung, plays in Latin and presentations on points of interest.  There is also an area to display art and school work.

PHSA also coordinates annual state testing through Basic Skills out of Oregon City.

We have organized classes for a fee at the Art Center.  We also welcome seminars and workshops. 

PHSA sponsors and coordinates numerous other projects and events. MathCounts is a math group for 6-8th graders who compete individually and as a group at the local and state level. The Watershed Field Days is coordinated through ESD with 5th graders in public schools to spend a week studying water science.  The Leadership Conference is an annual event for junior and senior high students to spend the day taking classes, listening to empowering speakers, and honing their leadership skills

Another benefit we offer is reduced Life Flight Memberships.  One of our members recently had to use this benefit and it provided peace of mind.

PHSA does have the requirement that everyone helps out by organizing or assisting to organize an event/field trip/ share, whatever.   This can sound like a daunting thing but  it’s not PHSA policy to throw you into a shark infested pool and watch you struggle.  We gladly take your hand and show you what needs to be done and a more experienced member will walk alongside you as you learn.  Often we encourage new people to host a Moms’ Night Out, either at their home or at a local restaurant, because that is something people feel more comfortable doing.  We have outlines, forms and directions to help you.  If you are nervous about this, we understand- we’ve all been there.  Come talk to us- we’re really pretty neat people.

Come join us for the coming year!  It’s a fun ride.  You can find forms to sign up here. Or send us a note through the Contact form and we’ll tell you where we are meeting and you can join us once before you sign up.  We usually respond pretty quickly, please check your spam folders if you don’t see an email response.

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