Activities for January

Last month was full of exciting opportunities for PHSA!

During our Sports time the Kids were able to play volleyball and floor hockey. Thank you to those who volunteered to lead these sports.

There was fun to be had at the winter dance and potluck. After everyone ate dinner there was square dancing for the entire family.

Our field trip to Alexander’s Chocolate Shop was a sweet treat. They not only gave us a tour they let the kids help make some chocolates. And then, of course, we were able to take a taste!

The Mom’s Night out was a great opportunity to share about some of the things that moms do to keep there house and homeschool organized and running smoothly.



Upcoming Potluck and Planning Session

The new school year is about to kick off for most families and to celebrate we are having our Annual Beginning of Year Potluck and Planning Session!  This is a fun time getting to know each other better and supporting each other as the year begins.  It’s also an exciting time of planning what field trips we want to do, finding hosts for our Mom’s Get Togethers and mapping out the Sports year.

PHSA has a requirement that each family sign up to organize or assist in organizing an event each year.  This can sound like a daunting thing but  it’s not PHSA policy to throw you to the wolves.  We gladly take your hand and show you what needs to be done and a more experienced member will walk alongside you as you learn.  Often we encourage new people to host a Mom’s Get Together either at their home or at a local restaurant.  These are great ways to get to know each other better.

We encourage people to come and meet us and see what we are doing.  Who knows?  You may want to stay.

This year the Potluck is at Grecian Heights Park near the play structure starting on Thursday, August 21st at 5:30.  We hope to start the Planning Session at 6:30.