Testing Information

Testing Information for 2022

Registration forms for Pendleton and Hermiston here

2022 Testing information in printable pdf

This year there will be two local options for in-person group testing for grades 3-12.
(*Remote options also listed below.)

Janet Haddock will be group testing Tuesday, May 10th in PENDLETON at a new location at Pendleton Baptist  Church,      3202 SW Nye Ave. Pendleton registration and checks are due and payable to Janet by April 20th.
Contact information for Janet: 541.443.2920 (landline) or witnesstree@eoni.com

Alison Herman will be testing Thursday, June 9th in HERMISTON at Victory Baptist Church, 193 E Main St.
Hermiston registrations and checks are due and payable to Alison by May 20th.
Contact information for Alison: 541.667.7135 or nateherm@hotmail.com

Testing begins at 9 am and should be completed by noon. Parents are welcome to stay or leave and come back.

Testing cost is $60 per student for the test. The optional Performance Evaluation Report (PER) costs $12. The PER
gives you more specific information of the content of the questions and which questions the student missed.

Registration forms for Pendleton and Hermiston here

Checks must accompany the registration and need to be received by the deadline. Checks will not be cashed until after testing is completed.

*Remote group testing options are also available through Basic Skills. You can visit www.basicskills.net to purchase practice tests and get pricing and scheduling information on remote
testing information. info@basicskills.net or 503.650.5282 Practice tests are available in hard copy or e-book and are reproducible for your own family use.

Requirements: Testing is required by the State of Oregon in grades 3, 5, 8, and 10. The first grade is defined as when the child is seven on or before September 1 (beginning of the school year). Testing must be completed no later than August 15 (end of the school year). Students are tested on reading comprehension, language arts,
math, and critical thinking. Individual school districts may require testing of home school students in other grades in order to participate in public school sports or activities.

Testing day: Please arrive 10-15 minutes prior to testing time. There will be a brief meeting of everyone prior to starting testing. Grade 3 tests separately. Grades 4-12 test together. Pencils and rulers are provided. Calculators are optional for some tests, but are not furnished. Students may bring a book to read while they are waiting for others to finish. They are encouraged to bring a snack for break time. Phones, tablets, iPads, or other electronic devices should be left at home or with a parent or other adult during testing.

CURRICULUM SALE/SHARE: If you have any curriculum that you wish to sell or share, there will be an area available at each test site. If you are selling, please have each item clearly labeled with your name and the item price. Sale items and money are the responsibility of the seller.
Those testing in Pendleton are invited to join the Pendleton Home School Association (PHSA) for softball at 1
p.m. at Grecian Heights Park on Tutuilla Road near the Pendleton Middle School

joining homeschooling families together in the Pendleton, Oregon area