Testing Information

Testing Information 2019

Tuesday May 14 –
 Peace Lutheran Church– Grades 1-12
9th and Carden, Pendleton 541-276-7592

Wednesday May 15-
Nazarene Church of Hermiston– Grades 1-12
1520 W. Orchard Ave. Hermiston 541-567-3677

Testing Times and Information for ALL Locations:

Grades 3

Grades 4-12

Grades 1-2

*The starting times for grades 1 & 2 will be determined after the registration deadline. Parents will be notified of the starting time prior to the testing date. If time is a factor in whether or not your child can test, please send a separate registration check for grades 1 and/or 2 to make it easy to refund those tests if necessary.

Cost: Testing is done by Basic Skills of Oregon City. The test for all grades is the CAT/TerraNova 2 Survey Test. The cost is $50 per student for the test with an additional fee of $10 for an optional Performance Evaluation Report (PER). The PER gives you more specific information of the content of the questions and which questions the student missed.

Checks must accompany the registration and will be returned if they are not made payable to BASIC SKILLS. DEADLINE for REGISTRATION and PAYMENT is April 30, 2019.

Please note that checks will not be cashed until after testing is completed. 

CLICK HERE >  Testing Registration 2019 in PDF form for easy printing.

State Requirements:  Testing is required by the State of Oregon in grades 3, 5, 8, and 10. The first grade is defined as when
the child is seven on or before Sept 1 (beginning of the school year)
. Testing must be completed no later than August
15 (end of the school year). Individual school districts may require testing if home school students are to participate in
public school sports or activities.

Please arrive 10-15 minutes prior to testing time. Pencils are provided. Calculators are optional for some tests, but are not furnished. Students may bring a book to read while they are waiting for others to finish. They are encouraged to bring a snack for break time. Grades 1, 2, and 3 each test separately. Students in grades 4-12 test together.

Content and Practice Tests: Students are tested on reading comprehension, language arts, math, and critical thinking. The One-Hour Practice Test and other Basic Skills tests and resources are available through the PHSA website.. Click on the Basic Skills button under “links”. Practice tests are available in hard copy or e-book and are reproducible for your own family use. The One-Hour Practice Test is designed to acquaint the student with the structure of the test, but is much shorter than the actual test

CURRICULUM SALE/SHARE: If you have any curriculum that you wish to sell or share, there will be an area available at each test site. If you are selling, please have each item clearly labeled with your name and the item price. Sale items and money are the responsibility of the seller.

You’re invited. If you are testing in Pendleton, you are invited to join the Pendleton Home School Association (PHSA)
for tennis at 1 p.m. at Community Park Tennis Courts (East side address 1000 SW 37th Street

Directions for Hermiston Testing: Take the Hwy 207 Exit off I-84. Go north about 5 miles. Go through the stop light at Highland and Hwy 207. At Orchard turn left and go about ½ mile. Church is on the right.

If you have questions, feel free to contact Janet at (541) 443-2920 or by email: witnesstree@eoni.com

A printable form of these instructions is here.

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