Recreation Days

During the winter months, when everyone is tired of being cooped up in the house, and when it’s too cold to meet someone at the park, PHSA organizes Rec. Days at the Recreation Center (next to the Pendleton Library on Dorion Street).

The Rec. Center charges an hourly fee so PHSA gives members the option of participating. Each family pays an additional fee for the 3 month session. This fee varies depending on the fee that the Rec. Center charges. The Coordinator schedules as many days as possible, depending on how many families sign up. Time and day of the week are varied according to the Rec. Center’s busy schedule. Each signed-up family attends when they can.

The Rec. Center has equipment for volleyball, basketball, floor hockey, and many other activities for all ages. Sometimes we do organized games, and sometimes the kids just play while the parents talk.

When the weather turns nice again, the group meets weekly at one of the local parks. These times run from the spring through the summer and into the fall.