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Announcements about upcoming events specific to PHSA as well as locally/statewide.

November Events

There is a Moms Meeting planned for November. But you’ll have to email me by using the “Contact” hyper link on the side bar to find out the details. They are always great fun! I hope to see you there.

There is going to be an Eastern Oregon Fall Mini-Conference in Baker City on November 15, 2008. It is sponsored by the Baker Area Christian Homeschoolers and OCEANetwork. This is what is planned:

Homeschoolers in Eastern Oregon will be encouraged and equipped by conference speakers Kevin and Christine Bullock. Topics for moms are “Listen for Your Child’s Learning Style” and “Help for the Harried Home Educator.” Dads’ sessions are “Charges of the Father” and “Practical Family Discipleship.” Sessions for the whole family include” Homeschool Success Stories” and “Portrait of a Healthy Homeschool Marriage.”

Admission to the event is free. For more information view the conference brochure at

It starts at 10 AM and goes until 3 PM at Harvest Church, 3720 Birch Street.

It’s great to have an event in our own backyard!

Also, OCEANetwork is looking for people to participate in the 2008 Homeschool Academic Achievement Research project. Here is their write up:

The 2009 Oregon Legislature will be in session soon. In order to prepare for the session, the Oregon Christian Home Education Association Network has commissioned Dr. Brian Ray of the National Home Education Research Institute to compile statistics on the academic achievement of Oregon homeschool children. It has been 10 years since the Oregon Department of Education collected test scores thanks to the change in the homeschool law in 1999. But it’s time we had updated research to show “Home educators are doing well enough to be left alone.”

If you had your child(ren) tested with a standardized achievement test last year (September 1, 2007 – August 31, 2008), please participate in the 2008 Oregon Homeschool Academic Achievement Research Project.

All information will be kept strictly confidential. You will generate a student research ID for each student (following a specific formula) which you will use when answering questions in an online survey and when mailing your student’s test scores to OCEANetwork. Neither OCEANetwork nor NHERI will have any personally identifiable information on your students or your family.

This survey of Oregon students is part of a nation-wide survey being conducted by NHERI and the Home School Legal Defense Association.

Deadline for participation is November 14, 2008. You can find more information on the project by going to OCEANetwork’s web site

There is also a PHSA Board meeting in November, again contact me for details, and then come tell us what you would like to see happen.

2008 Oregon Christian Home Educators Conference

The Oregon Christian Home Education Conference is being held in Portland on June 20 & 21, 2008. This conference is presented by OCEANetwork.

Featured speakers will be Dr. Voddie Baucham, Jr., Mark Hamby, Carol Barnier and others.

It’s at the Oregon Convention Center and will have 27 workshops plus a Large curriculum exhibit and used curriculum exchange.

You can register online at Oregon Homeschool Conference. If you do this soon- by June 4th you will save $10.00 on the $60.00 (for one person, spouse free) registration fee! You can also register at the door. The OCEANetwork used to have two events each year- one was the curriculum exhibit/exchange and the other was the workshops/seminars. Since they have combined these events the cost has gone up considerably!

We went to the curriculum exhibit a few years ago and were overwhelmed with all the options presented there- but if you are a person who wants to handle a book/curriculum before you purchase, this is the place for you! There are also discounts on the new curriculum when you purchase it there. Unfortunately, there are not very many of these kind of events in our area so if you are looking at homeschooling in general, feel the need for a different curriculum or just need to refill your batteries, then give this event your consideration.